Community Engagement Plan

The community engagement plan for Freedom Youth Program is a policy to be followed by the staff for community communication. If there is any concern, the contact information for FYP is as stated:

Phone Number: (216) 712-0056
Email Address:

If there is a complaint:

1. The Supervisor is responsible for responding to the complaint. The contact information provided shall be given to any individual requesting the information to report an issue. The website, the facility address, phone number and email will be given if available.

2.  All staff of Freedom Youth Program will be trained on the implementation of the community engagement plan and procedures for responding to incidents involving a child at the facility and neighbors or the police.

3. In 7 days the supervisor is responsible for responding to the complaint. Upon the effective date of the community engagement plan.

4. If staff have not completed orientation training, the community engagement plan training shall be completed prior to the completion of orientation training.

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